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by Platform Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


Hide details for  6.0.5 6.0.5
Hide details for Domino Offline ServicesDomino Offline Services
CPRE5JBS5T A large QuickPlace configuration (very large number of rooms (ie, databases)) was causing the following DOLS error when syncing the application the...
Hide details for LEILEI
GFLY5ZCUHZStability problems were experienced when connecting to ODBC. This fix
releases a fieldlist if there is already one allocated to prevent the memory...
Hide details for Mail JournalingMail Journaling
ANIA5YW5XPMail messages containing recipients that were from a group that was expanded on another server will now be correctly journaled.
Hide details for MigrationMigration
MQUE5SJPYNFix for missing apptunid on appointments migrated from Exchange to Domino. Addition of unmapped properties to migrated notes from Exchange to...
TBOX5QFT43Fixed a problem where the Upgrade Wizard was not converting Turkish characters correctly.
HCLE5UYPTUFix for migrating international characters in the body of Microsoft Outlook HTML messages.
LSPR64FLFXThe $PublicAccess property has been removed from mail documents.
TMEN68HLVFFixed a crash during migration of corrupted addresses.
TMEN68RF7VWhen migrating using the DUS tools, the Admin will crash producing an NSD file. This issue only occurs when using the DUS tool, where the data has...
TMEN5YGFA6Unable to migrate data from local .PST files. On average around 400MB's. For a large number of the users that have been migrated so far, they have...
TMEN64MN3MFixed a crash during migration from Microsoft Outlook. Approximately 1 out of every 5 users during the migration process would crash. ...
FMWI66YTX3Accents were not migrated from Outlook Express 2000. This problem has been fixed in 6.0.5 and 6.5.4.
TMEN692GR4The Upgrade Wizard will no longer crash when migrating a number of PST files. This regression was introduced in 6.5.3.
JFRN63RUYNFixed a crash during migration of corrupted addresses. This regression was introduced in 6.5.1.
Hide details for NT IntegrationNT Integration
MHOL5XLMEUCorrected pipe and thread control functionality to prevent multiple user thread, hanging the OS during communications and the disappearing NSL...
KVLN5SEF6HThe server controller can now be started as an NT service.
Hide details for Server AdministrationServer Administration
JOGA5X7MLLLicense tracking will no longer create invalid adminp requests.
MGAN5WWMZQCorrected error handling for the main router thread, so that we don't leave the function without freeing the semaphore. This was causing another...
LSPR5TLNHPThe router will no longer hang or crash while journaling mail.
Hide details for ToolsTools
GDEU5ZZG35NotesBench fix to include timezone support.
Hide details for  6.0.4 6.0.4
Show details for CalendarCalendar


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